Utilising existing talent & promoting from within

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When a vacancy arises within a company, we can be far too quick in getting the position advertised externally. Our number one thought is quite often getting a suitable new member of staff; to advertise, recruit and train them as quickly as we can, so our business doesn’t suffer. But in our quest to find a suitable staff member, we may be overlooking some valuable talent closer to home.

Home is where the heart is

Existing talent - promoting from within

Existing talent – promoting from within

Spending time looking at your existing team members may be the best move you can make. Take the time to talk to your team, really get to know them – not only their skills and abilities, but their attitudes and aspirations too. Not only will this make them feel nurtured and valued by your company, but it will also help you to uncover those with the talent and skills needed to step up into a new role. It gives them an opportunity to grow and develop within your company, whilst ensuring you retain a valuable asset.

Promoting from within also means you have an employee that understands you. They know how you work and what your company stands for. They have established both a passion for you and your company, whilst the promotion will give them the excitement of additional responsibilities and learning. They are also in an ideal place to assist in the training of anyone who takes on their old position.

When a fresh set of eyes is needed

Recruiting from within isn’t always the best answer. Sometimes you need to inject a bit of life into your existing team – and a new recruit can provide a boost of both passion and excitement to your company. They can bring in a new skill or a unique talent to your existing team, enabling your business to expand and grow.

If you’re looking to restructure or redesign aspects of your company, a new recruit can offer valuable insights. A new recruit coming into the position will have an untainted vision of both you and your company – and casting a fresh set of eyes on existing issues can be just what you need.

Moving forward

When you next have a vacancy within your company, spend some quality time with your existing team members. Establish whether there are any diamonds in the rough, any talent that is currently unrecognised and, if so, look to give them an opportunity to truly shine. If however, you decide there isn’t a suitable candidate on your team then, and only then, spread your net wider and look to attract a suitable candidate by advertising externally.

What strategies do you have in place to ensure your team have room to grow? Do you have a unique way of establishing the undiscovered talents of your staff? Why not share your thoughts on this article, by leaving a comment below?


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