Three ways to confirm you’re ready to expand your team

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When we first start out in business we all have big plans and dreams. We imagine what our business, team and finances will look like when we reach the ultimate levels we dream about. In the meantime though, we continue working hard and managing everything – either on our own or with a very small team.

time to expandWe know there comes a time when we have to expand and stretch ourselves, our team, our finances and our business further, in order to flourish – delay that expansion and you risk stunting your business success, wrecking the morale of your team and the real possibility of missing out on some great opportunities.

Expanding your team too quickly however, can lead to a stretch on your finances, your team, the stress levels of everyone involved, and potentially risk the overall success of our business… so how can you confirm that you’re ready to expand?

You keep running out of available hours

no time to expandYou’re constantly stressed and tired of doing everything yourself. Even if you have a team, you may end up trying to take up the slack yourself – but you simply haven’t got enough time in your day to continue at the pace you’re currently working at.

Your options are to expand your team or suffer from exhaustion, stress and/or depression.

Your business and/or team needs to grow

There’s an obvious need to expand, in order to meet the needs of your clients and/or demand for your products and services. Whether you work alone or as part of a team, you cannot maintain the level of supply and/or service that you’re currently providing.

This simply boils down to having several options – cap your client and/or product numbers, offer a substandard or lower level of service or expand your team.

Are you adding another string to your already full bow?

expanding your knowledgeDo you know the popular saying: Jack of all trades, master of none? Are you or your team members wearing several different hats, in order to keep your business running? Do you find yourself focusing on tasks you dislike? Are your team’s job descriptions getting less specific and more generic? Maybe you’re looking to get training on yet another string to add to your already full bow? It’s great learning new things, but if you’re doing it out of necessity rather than interest – you’ll end up being master of none of them.

This has the potential to end with your business simply “muddling its way through” and offering substandard service. Make the decision to focus on only the tasks you enjoy doing and look to expand your team to cover the rest.

Use these three ways to confirm you are ready to expand your team… and take your business and team to the levels of success they deserve!

Have you been resisting expansion? What were your biggest worries and how did you get round them? Did these three ways help you clarify what your next step needs to be? Why not share your next step and strengthen your commitment, by leaving a comment in the box below.

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