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Thankfully we are beginning to see the early signs of spring. It has been a cold winter for a lot of us in the UK and other parts of the world. With a change in season I wonder, can you look to see which new approach you can adopt to your business or the way you do business?

Recruiting for business growth

recruitingFor every small business owner looking to expand, recruiting the right talent to support business growth is crucial. You need the right people to drive your vision and implement your plans for success.

But how do you attract the right talent? The landscape has changed, and continues to change. With the range of talent available, do you recruit candidates with more experience so you spend minimum time training them or do you go for a less experienced candidate and train them up to the standard you and your business require?

Part of the changing landscape can be attributed to technology and social media. It’s much easier to search for talent, and for job seekers to approach companies of their choice. But what steps can a small business take to minimise any risks and cost involved in attracting and recruiting the right person?

Audio – a powerful communication tool

audio for recruitingAs an audio marketing expert, I see audio as a powerful communication tool. A tool that’s under used by businesses – especially small businesses.

Using audio to attract the right talent into your business can be empowering to you as the owner, but also encouraging to job seekers looking for the right fit for their skills and ambition. You can easily cut out those who are not right for you early in the recruitment process.

I remember having a conversation with a young lady who had just graduated and was looking for the right organisation to apply to. She spent time investigating organisations to see which had a vision that inspired her and shared values to keep her motivated.

Many people think only large organisations can afford to do this, no it applies to small businesses, and believe audio is the tool to use to achieve this. A small business can create audio content for their website sharing their values and vision to attract the right talent; and here’s how:

Tell your story

tell your storyOne of the things small business owners can be better at, is telling their story. Often times when I visit a small business website, there’s very little that tells the story of how the owner started the business. It seems easier to show credentials – how good they are, with little to nothing on the back story – the reason why they serve who they serve; what inspired them and the vision of the business. I believe with audio, small business owners have a unique opportunity to connect with job seekers in a more personal way with their voice and build rapport easily.

Shared Values

I’m certain during your recruitment process, there’s a section on making sure you attract and recruit people with shared values. A creative way to demonstrate your values is to talk about the causes you support and or how you give back to society, but more importantly talking about the why. For the socially-conscious job seeker – and there are many young people who use this as a filter – a criteria to selecting organisations they apply to; and you can stand out and become a front runner for the right candidate.

audioCreate audio yourself

Creating audio content is low maintenance and low cost. You don’t require any fancy equipment to start including audio in how you recruit. In 3 easy, quick and simple steps you can overcome any of the three main barriers I know prevent people using audio:

  1. The fear of technology
  2. The confidence to get over the sound of their voice
  3. What to say

With spring in the air, try something new for you and your business – a fresh approach to recruiting.

You can find out more about how to learn the 3 steps at:

About Viv Oyolu

Viv is a radio presenter, Audio Marketing Expert; and creator of the 15-Day Audio Challenge. Shes passionate about giving words a voice; and loves to show entrepreneurs how give their words a voice using audio. Viv has over 20 years’ experience, and has worked for companies such as BMW, Walt Disney, Barclaycard, Thames Water and Royal Bank of Scotland. In her spare time, she loves running, reading and chocolate.

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  1. David Beck  July 6, 2017

    Thanks for sharing such an informative post Viv. It is always better to adapt to the new changes and looking for new approaches in the business.


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