What are your strengths and weaknesses in business?

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When it comes to running a solo or small business, it pays to know what makes it run efficiently and effectively. I think it’s even fair to say you probably know a little about EVERY area of your business – from sales to production, marketing to systems and structures… but do you REALLY know where your strengths and weaknesses lie?

strengths and weaknessesAre you fooling yourself?

It’s easy to think that, because you know a little of everything, you’re good at all of those things. We tend to continue doing what we’ve always done, thinking that this is the best and only option… but when was the last time you took a step back and had a good look at everything you do? Are you really benefitting the business by doing these tasks yourself? Are the tasks you doing really your strongpoint or are you fooling yourself into thinking you’re good at them because, in the short term, it saves you money?

Establishing what you are good at

Grab a piece of paper and set aside 10 minutes to write down all the business-related tasks you do in an average day and/or week. Now go through and highlight those tasks that you really are good at and those you like doing – but be honest here – you have to REALLY like doing them and/or be good at them!

strengths and weaknessesHow about those you’re not so good at?

Now go back through your list and, with a different coloured highlighter, mark those tasks that you honestly think you aren’t very good at – AND those you don’t like doing. Make sure you’re being honest, as it’s really easy to believe that being “ok” with a task means you’re good at it.

The important thing to remember here is… you don’t have to be good at all areas of your business. It’s ok to acknowledge you’re not so good at a task and/or that you don’t like particular tasks. So take a moment to acknowledge how good it feels to be honest about the tasks on your “not so good” list!

How will this benefit you and your business?

Being honest about your strengths and weaknesses not only frees up the emotions around those tasks, it also enables you to better serve yourself and your business. How? Well it gives you a clear list of those tasks you want to continue and those you can start focusing on getting outside help on. This will then free up your time to concentrate more on what you’re good at AND more on working on tasks that directly grow your business, such as networking and creating.

So what tasks are you great at? Did your list surprise you at all – in regards to both your strengths and weaknesses? How good did it feel to be honest and acknowledge the feelings you have around those tasks on your list? Why not share your insights and surprises in the comments box below?

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