Six crucial actions to take before you advertise your vacancy

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You are looking to hire a new team member. The first action many businesses take is to write an advert and put it on LinkedIn or out on a job board and hope that their perfect team member applies? Then wonder after a few months why it’s not working out! They may be doing a great job but there is a niggle that something is wrong – or they are not meeting your expectations at all, you may even be wishing that you never hired the person in the first place! The following six actions are crucial to hiring your dream team!

1. Vision & Mission

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times – ensure you have a vision & mission within your business. I whole heartedly support this as not only will you have a clear picture of where you are going with your business but you will also be able to use your vision & mission to generate enthusiasm and get buy-in from your potential team members.Freedigitalphotos net Photo by jscreationzs

2. Values

Does your business have a points of culture or values within it? Do you truly live by them? If not review them, identify what your values are and ensure that they are mirrored within your business and share these with all potential team members as you will want to hire people on your team who are aligned with your values

3. Business Goals

What are your business/project goals over the next 6-12 months (or longer)? These are goals that you will be sharing with your new team member to get them engaged in the goal/project.

4. Job Description

We know a job description is an important document but still many companies don’t create them. Ensure you have a Job description to give to perspective team members, this will show that you are a reputable organisation as well as explaining what you are looking for in the applicant.

5. Objectives

Objectives, these are goals for the prospective team member. What do you expect them to achieve and in what timescale? Ensure that the objectives are clearly defined as this will help your team member achieve and exceed your expectations.

6. Communication Strategy

You are probably wondering what I mean when I say put a communication strategy in place. How many jobs have you applied for in your lifetime and not heard anything back? It doesn’t feel good does it, and you probably wouldn’t apply for another job with them or refer someone else to apply for a job with them would you? Imagine if you speak to someone or interview them and don’t get back, what do you think the person may say about your organisation? With the advent of social media the expression “bad news spreads like wildfire” has never been more true. So put some strategies in place to ensure that you respond to all your applicants! Ideally even the unsuccessful applicant will still be impressed enough by your organisation that they become your advocate and recommend the position to a friend or colleague.

Once you have these steps in place you are ready to put your advert out there…but where is there?

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