How are you sharing the love…?

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Successful entrepreneurs know they have to be dedicated to make their business a success. They understand you need to LOVE what you do, the clients you work with AND the team you have… so how are YOU sharing that love around?

Your team team member love

The people who work for you NEED to feel appreciated, in order for them to work effectively for you AND with each other. They want to feel that they doing something worthwhile, as individuals and as part of a team; something that makes a difference to their lives and those of your clients. They want to work somewhere that makes them feel special, valued and where they can reach their full potential – both personally and in a professional capacity.

Cater for these needs and they’ll be loyal to you and your company, happy colleagues and fulfilled individuals… ready to spread those good vibes further afield.

Your clients client appreciation

When someone WANTS to work with you they are putting their trust and faith in you. They want the results you’re offering, as well as a desire to feel special – to feel as though they matter. If they get both the results they’re after AND are made to feel special, they’ll show their appreciation by sharing what you do with others… they’ll share the love around further.

Giving them what they want

The key to giving both your team members and your customers what they want is relatively simple. By listening to both your team and your clients, you can easily establish their needs and wants; and then ensure you are providing solutions for both… and excellent customer service is the key.

Customer service is at the root of it all – the happiness of your team, your customers AND your business success – and it ensures YOU keep loving what you do. It ensures you and your team are sharing the love with EVERYONE who interacts with you, at every stage of your business process and at every stage of your sales funnel.

The part you play

love is keyWe will be focusing on specific ways you can share the love with your team and your clients during the course of this month, as our theme for February will be ‘love’.

In the meantime though, you need to realise that as an owner of a business, your part in this is crucial. You are the linchpin for success – in terms of your team’s happiness, your client’s happiness, your own happiness AND the success of the business – and it all starts with the love you have for what you do. That love will be infectious. It will enable you to ensure your team members are as enthusiastic as you are about your products. It will ensure they share that enthusiasm with your customers and clients, and it will help illustrate how you expect them to deal with customers… no matter what queries and questions they may have.

Now is an ideal time to take stock of your customer service strategy and see how you can improve it. Take time out now to see how you can turn it from good to great. Interact with your team and get feedback on where they’re struggling and what improvements they can suggest – and then you can take it all on board and come up with a customer service strategy that will truly improve impress your customers… and share that love around!

What are your current customer service strategies? Do you have a strategy – or do you leave it for circumstances and individuals to dictate one? What tweaks can you make to your customer service strategy to REALLY stand out from the crowd? Why not share your strategies and opinions on customer service in the comments box below?

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