The secret to moving your business forward in 2015

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When it comes to the end of the year, we all get busy making plans. Whether you believe in New Year resolutions or not, it’s always around this time of year that we tend to spend time making plans and goals for our year ahead.

We spend so much time planning, it’s really disheartening to think that over 50% of these resolutions will have been forgotten by the middle of January… so how can YOU make sure you stick to your plans, boost your intent and motivation, and TRULY move your business forward in 2015?

business plansPlans are only part of the process

The thing we tend to forget about New Year resolutions is they’re only PART of the process. Planning and dreaming are the beginning of the process… in order to make them more tangible, you need to create some serious EMOTION around them. Why do you want to achieve them? How will it feel to reach those goals? What do they mean for you? What will they enable you to do? Get REALLY attached to WHY you want to reach them.

Action steps – the secret key to goal success

business actionThe REAL secret to moving your business forward is the same key to goal success… and that is ACTION STEPS.

You can do all the planning and dreaming you want, but without creating an action to carry out… you will NEVER move forward.

As with anything; looking at the whole goal or plan as one thing will make it seem TOO large and too big a task. Break it down into chunks however, and you’ll give yourself something smaller and more attainable to focus on.

Focus on one action step

To truly move your business forward, you NEED to break everything you want to achieve into smaller action steps… and then focus ONLY on the current step you need to take.

take actionActually take action!

You can make all the plans you like, but without carrying out any of those action steps… you’ll end up with a whole host of plans and ideas BUT you’ll be no further forward than you were to start with!

HOWEVER, if you have only a vague plan of what you want to achieve in 2015 BUT you carry out a daily action step to move yourself forward anyway… you’ll be in a WHOLE NEW POSITION AND possibly have gained CLARITY on where you’re headed too.

So what one action step can you take to move yourself forward in the first few days of 2015? Do you feel New Year is a bad time to make your plans and dreams – or do you love the feeling associated with a New Year or new start? Why not share your first action step for 2015 in the comments box below… and let’s really get 2015 off to a good start!


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