Why YOU Need to be Visible – Guest Post by Julie Holmwood

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Whether you’re looking for the right job… or the right person… being visible, ie being seen, is one of the cornerstones of your campaign.

Now we all know, it’s more than just that. McDonalds is well known, but you probably don’t want to work there and Rolf Harris has been in the news a lot, but you might not want to employ him. But being a little bit famous for what you do, when what you do is already good, is the icing on the proverbial cake.

There is not much value in being your industry’s best kept secret.

As the employer

being invisibleWe know that the best people have more career choices. They’re good at what they do and one of the rewards – other than commanding a better package – is that that they have the freedom to work where they want. But bigger isn’t always better and a company with an amazing reputation can attract talent away from perceived big names. There is a company in Malaysia for example, who even when they employed less than 100 people, could inspire candidates to turn down jobs at Google. Why? Because people could see themselves thriving there. How did they know? Because this company is absolutely amazing at global PR and creating a buzz around themselves.

You may not be able to conjure global reach before your next recruitment campaign, but you can get better known. The first place to start? Wherever your preferred candidates will see you. Remember these candidates are not only highly sought after. They’re justifiably picky. Make sure you promote the aspects of your company that make you stand out as an amazing employer.

I met a recruitment agency recently who had not only won employer of choice awards, they had just had their first consultant cross the £4million billing line. Not only is that a massive personal achievement for the lady concerned. In an industry that changes staff more frequently than most teenagers change their hairstyle, it rubber stamps their excellent working conditions. Because she’d been with them over 13 years! If that on its own doesn’t impress you, the fact she had a number of colleagues who’d all passed the £3million billing line should. With 83 consultants they are not the biggest company of their type by a long shot. But they’re one of the best. Tucked away, with no PR to speak of, they might still struggle to recruit new members to their team. Being known will get some top players knocking on their door…

As the candidate

being visibleHeadhunters are trained to lift rocks and to look in dark corners to find those well hidden people. Often good at their job, just bad at – or unaware of the importance of – blowing their own trumpet. The truth is, the best known people, get the most opportunities offered to them.

Recruitment is a fast game and headhunters tend to contact potential candidates the same second they find them. The first people found, get the first option. And if it’s a numbers game, logic says, that even if they’re not the industry’s finest, they’ll get a new job before you do.

The good news is that the Internet has pretty much levelled the visibility playing field. Never has it been so easy for one person or company to be known by so many. Platforms for every speciality and preferred method of communication exist. You can be short and punchy on Twitter. Photogenic and visual on Instagram. Corporate and professional on LinkedIn. And share a common love of cats and salad on Facebook.

The downside is the ease of visibility almost forces your hand to come out of that cupboard. Because as everyone else raises their game around you, staying where you were, in effect sends you backwards.

In the words of Richard Branson: Screw it. Let’s do it!

Julie Holmwood, Reformed Headhunter and Career Specialist turned Career Visibility Coach

To read her regular insights on career visibility, effective career management and using LinkedIn to achieve your career and business goals, come and connect with Julie on LinkedIn at

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