Is Your Mindset Holding You Back?

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You have implemented your business model and have set up your different income streams. Your products are now live and you have tweaked your marketing strategies. In short, you have worked really hard on your business to ensure it is a success… but are you getting the results you want? If not, the next step is to work on your own mindset.

It can be really easy to focus all of your attention on practical solutions in your business, however none of these will work until your mindset is positive. In short, you will be subconsciously sabotaging your business success.

This doesn’t just occur with new start-up businesses, it also applies to established ones that are moving their businesses up a notch… whether that involves branching out into a new niche or breaking through the next financial level. These scenarios will all involve an element of mind work for yourself. So, how do you work on your mindset and how do you know that you have a mindset problem?

Common Signs Your Mindset May Need Work

It is important to remember that these problems are solvable… if you are willing to put the effort in. Common signs include:

  • Control – feeling like you have to do everything
  • Doubt – in your abilities and in raising your prices
  • Worth – feel that you don’t deserve what you have and/or aren’t willing to invest in yourself for training etc
  • Time – feel you have to trade your time to make money

How To Work On Your Mindset

The main way to work through these mindset problems is to put in some action – to stretch your comfort zone. When situations that challenge your current mindset arise, look for new ways to handle them, rather than resorting to old patterns. When you feel uncomfortable in business, look at it as an opportunity to grow and expand your comfort zone.

Do something that makes you feel nervous or uncomfortable every day, to ensure you are always growing and developing.

Learn to let go and trust the outcome. Start to hand over the smaller jobs to an assistant, put your prices up and see what happens. Remember that these changes are all just experiences to try; they don’t need to be set in stone … and you can always make another change or choice at a later date.

Get new evidence. If you doubt your abilities, look to get some feedback in the form of testimonials – this will work wonders on your self worth too. Monitor your business practices and see what results you get. You know your website is attracting customers by checking your analytics. If you’re getting clients, you know your pricing and advertising is working. Get into the habit of collecting testimonials to confirm what you’re doing is actually working… and what isn’t.

Spending time on your mindset is essential for both you and your business. So make it a regular part of your work schedule to ensure personal and business success.

What was the biggest mindset shift you have overcome? I’d love to hear your comments on this topic, so please share your thoughts below.


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