Do you feel alone? Like no-one gets your passion for your business, so you stop talking about it to your friends and family?


Are you frustrated as you feel like you are going around in circles and not moving forward in your recruitment business?


Have you ever lain awake at 3am fretting over what your team have done this time or what they haven’t done? Wondering why you can’t find your Dream Team?


frustrated-lady-faceYou’ve heard the phrase ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’? It’s true. It is also really frustrating when you’re running your own recruitment business. So how are you expected to find out what you don’t know?


Experts say you grow your business by hiring your ‘Dream Team’. You can hire for your clients, that’s your areas of expertise. Hiring for yourself just doesn’t work out though and you are left wondering if your dream team actually exist?


Running your own recruitment business can get very lonely, even with a team around you. You go along to all the networking meetings, events to connect with other business owners but they don’t quite get you and they aren’t your ideal clients either.


Imagine if you have…

Absolute clarity on who YOU are, how your business/life integration looks and works and are excited about your business every single day!


Your dream team on board, everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet; this could be employed or outsourced. A team who understood where you were coming from, who are just as excited about the business as you are, delivering a great consistent service to your clients; they are a breath of fresh air.


Your own cheerleader, someone who gets where you are coming from. Who has been there and come out the other end, who gives you hope and believes in you. Who helps you avoid the mistakes they did and help you to learn things the easy way. Who is just as excited about building the business as you are.


Let me tell you a little about me…

Nicola MullarkeyI’m Nicola Mullarkey, the Honest Recruiter, I have been in the recruitment industry for over 20 years. I’ve run my own recruitment business for 17 of them – and I learned many lessons along the way, some of them the hard way!


I have two awesome, lively children, a boy age 7 and a girl age 4. I have built my business around the life I want and I’m passionate about helping people within the recruitment sector get the work life balance that they want and deserve. I am the Co-Chair of Women in Recruitment and a Mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation.


Work With Me Personally To Grow Your Recruitment Business

Limited Spaces Available


Work with me personally, 121 for 6 months…

To identify and set your goals & dreams for both your business and what you want in life

To develop a 90-day plan, which is aligned to your business and want you want in life. We’ll review the plan, celebrate your achievements and put a new 90-day plan in place

Via Skype or telephone bi-weekly to keep you on track, resolve any issues that come up and ensure that your 90-day plan is progressing

Support between accountability calls via Skype or email

We’ll cover:

YOU – Who you truly are, what your core values are, how you want your work life balance to look

Your BUSINESS – How do you want your business to show up?

Your DREAMS – what are your long term and short term goals and dreams. Align them with your business and work towards your shortlisted 1 year goals


And if that isn’t exciting enough, there are 5 bonuses as well!



Daily Consultant Planner and a Weekly Team Planner.

To save you or your team time in planning out your day, ensuring important activities are not dropped, avoided or forgotten about. This planner will help balance the yo-yo effect in recruitment



Two important questionnaires; one to help identify which of the HOT jobs you have you should work first and the second one helps identify which of the great candidates you have, should be called first.

These questionnaires will save you and your consultants time. One questionnaire helps logically work out which role to work first, second etc. The other questionnaire saves wasted time reviewing CVs and empowers you to decide whether you should be calling certain candidates or not.



Client meeting documentation including:

Check list

Agenda – with a breakdown of what to cover and detailed questions

Agenda for presenting to client, this can be emailed in advance or presented at the beginning of the meeting, so just use it as a guideline for yourself

Post Meeting Check sheet

Email template post meeting

Meeting Report Template (Actions from the meeting)

The documentation is yours to brand, saving time and resources having a template to work from, you’ll stand out from the crowd in client meetings. It will also enable you to have consistency throughout your team – so you client could have anyone of your consultants turn up and get the same service as if you were there.



Scripts to qualify candidates, Prep candidates for interview

These scripts are for you to lift, use them yourself or for your consultants to ensure that no question is missed ensuring your placements happen smoother!



Access to the document repository till the end of 2019, including any all future documentation that will be added.

This bonus I am really excited about – it is here for YOU! Throughout our time together this will be populated with documentation that YOU need! It will also be populated with documentation, audios etc. that other recruitment business owners need – you will have access to them too!


The investment for this program is £700pcm



A one-time payment of £3600


Acceptance into the Mentoring Program is by application only…

Due to the intensive nature of the work we’ll be doing together and the amount of personal, hands-on support you can expect from working privately with me, I have to very carefully consider who I accept into this program.

Let’s arrange a call, don’t be worried! This just means I’ll call you to discuss where you’re at, your goals, your challenges etc. — and you’ll have a chance to ask any questions you may have about working together.

Then, together we’ll decide if it’s a yes…


APPLY NOW: Simply Complete The Form Below, and I’ll Be In Touch To Arrange Our Call!