Market your business and be seen as THE place to work – guest post by Amanda Dodd

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Being seen as THE place to work in your industry is a plus! You receive attention from graduates, local people, local companies who are really invested and interested in either working for your company or watching how your company is doing.Taking on the RIGHT person is half the battle for a business owner but to run a company where people aspire to work for you would be amazing! Queues at the door and emails in your inbox from people wanting to be a part of you and your business ethos.

be seenWe’ve all seen places like Google where their team are given the opportunity to go away and get creative using the games room or by empowering their team giving them the freedom to go off and try new ideas. At Facebook, were they share the specials board in the canteen and being given the freedom to have an active social life with colleagues (which is limited to weekends).

So how do you become THE place to work for your industry/sector?

#1:  Meet the team

The Meet the Team page should be a fun part of your website that you are MORE than happy to share with your followers, readers and clients. Having a face or five on your website allows people to connect with the business and your team on another level! And we are not talking about boring Passport Photos, but photos of your team in action working within their role and enjoying their job.

visibility#2:  Company updates

Updating your website isn’t just about telling people you have new products or services coming out but it’s about giving a personality to the company and letting people know how you tick. Every business is run very differently and it’s the same for your clients. They can and do pick and chose you depending if your working pattern/standards fit in with theirs!

#3:  Team building – charity events / Christmas parties

What fun things and corporate responsibility stuff are you getting up to? For example, fun runs, dress down days to raise money for a specific charity and why that charity was chosen.

 #4:  Get social

Sharing your updates, blogs, photographs and insights on social is as much a part of it as in the office. Introduce your team to your followers with their specific skill making your teams famous… People like to work with people!

#5: Build an AMAZING brand – where people, YOUR people talk about you

company visibleHave you got fans in the building as well as clients? As humans when we experience an amazing service we tell LOTS of people about it and more so if we experience something not so great. Get your customers, your staff and your suppliers talking about how good it is to work for you, with you and allow them to build your brand from the inside out!

#6:  Staff incentives (not monetary but experiences)

Internal competition is a great thing. How often do you reward your team by telling them they did a great job? And sending them on a day trip that they have always wanted to do. Lots of people don’t want the money but they want to collect experiences now a day… Think of it in terms of the bucket list kind of thing.

#7:  Be human – people buy from people

And finally, be human. Allow your company to be seen as friendly and approachable. How often do you mystery shop your own company or call to see how the telephone is answered. We don’t often get a 2nd chance to make a good 1st impression!

There are 7 tips that will help you make your company be SEEN as THE PLACE TO WORK!

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