Are you in love with yourself…?

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When it comes to running your own business you can spend a lot of time working on what’s right for your customers, what products and services to create and generally creating a business that’s profitable. We can get so focused on pushing a striving, we don’t always take the time to give ourselves that same focus and attention… and give yourselves the love and support we deserve.

Take a break

take a breakTaking a step back from your business isn’t just about giving yourself a breather and recharging your batteries. It’s an opportunity to take stock of where you are and what you’ve achieved. Sometimes we can get so driven, we don’t stop to appreciate the milestones – both in our business and with ourselves.

Take time to write down those achievements, whether they’re big or small. Did you hit a certain income level? Maybe you overcame your fear of public speaking or running webinars? Did you exceed your goal for attaining a certain amount of clients? Whatever those achievements are, you need to take the time to acknowledge AND celebrate them!

Set your compass

set a courseWhilst you’re taking that step back, take the time to also check the course you are currently travelling on. Are you in alignment with your goals? Do you achieve your goals already and now need to set new ones?

How about your core values? Is everything you’re doing (or planning to do) in alignment with your values and beliefs? Are there things you’ve embarked upon that are in direct violation of your beliefs and values? What can you do to end them or steer them on a better course?

Are you accurately plotting your course towards your desired end results? Do you know your next steps and have you checked that they’re actually headed in the right direction?

Are you in love?

loveThe final thing you need to decide, whilst taking that break, is are you still in love with what you’re doing? The main reason we start our own businesses is to do something we love and be the person we want to be… but sometimes that love can dwindle or go out altogether.

This is the time to look at how authentic you are being. Part of that is looking at your values and beliefs, but it’s also about seeing how much pleasure and enjoyment you are getting as well. Are there certain elements of what you’re doing that you no longer enjoy – and can you pass those tasks onto someone else to do – or do you need to change your outlook on them? Do you wake up excited about the day ahead – or dread what’s on the cards for today? And the most basic, but intense question of them all… are you happy being you?

When was the last time you stopped to assess your progress and direction? Did the answers you received from your time out surprise you or confirm what you already knew? What action step can you take to ensure you regularly give yourself space to check in and appreciate yourself and what you’re doing? 

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