Is It Time For You To Clear The Clutter?

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We all hit a point in our lives where we need to get focused. Whether this is for your personal or business life, one of the main obstacles preventing us from having clarity and focus is the clutter around us.

Whether that clutter is physical or emotional, it’s essential to clear the decks in order to achieve focus and clarity. Clearing the decks doesn’t have to be traumatic or difficult – just follow these 3 easy steps… and gain the focus and clarity you need to move forward.

Step 1 – Make a list
Make a Clutter ListWrite down or type out a list of the physical and emotional clutter you want to clear. Emotional clutter relates to pent up frustrations, anger, fear and doubt – basically, any negative feeling or emotion that is tied to a person, event or situation. Do you feel cheated by your ex? Do you feel frustrated over something you can’t do or anger over the way your life has turned out so far? Negative feelings are made of the strongest glue – they don’t serve you and they only succeed in keeping you stuck in a negative state.

Do you have drawers full of clothes you no longer wear? Are those drawers under your bed full of stuff you no longer use? Is that filing cabinet in your office full of old, outdated templates and client files? Don’t be fooled into the mindset of “if it’s out of site, it’s out of mind”! That unused clutter is storing stagnant energy around you – so make sure to add it to your list.

Step 2 – Get clear on why you want to clear it
Imagine how you will feel when you have a clear house or office. Imagine having space to move, space to store new, useful things – this is why you want to clear the decks, right?

It’s about your intention; that filing cabinet full of outdated, old, redundant client files – you’re clearing it ready for the new clients that are coming your way. Those negative emotions related to an event 30 years ago – they’re going; to make room for those positive emotions linked to the new life you’re going to lead.

Step 3 – Make a commitment – and act on it!
Take Action on ClutterNow you have a clear idea of what exactly you need to clear, along with your reasons why, it’s time to make a commitment and tackle your clutter list.

How you tackle it is up to you. You may wish to tackle the smaller jobs first, to get a sense of achievement. Alternatively, you may decide to tackle a big task and clear a bigger space, quicker. The important thing to remember is not to get overwhelmed. If there’s larger tasks on your list – break them down into smaller chunks.

Keep the end goal in mind and, if you’re prone to storing useless stuff, why not look into the root cause for this need – and look to eliminate if from your life for good? This root cause could be an emotional need or past habit. May be it’s a logical one, such as not knowing what paperwork you need to keep relating to recruitment or taxes. Look to solve that need, change that habit or hire staff to do what you cannot do yourself.

Whether you’re going on holiday or preparing to have a baby – what’s stopping you from gaining focus and clarity in your life? What action will you take RIGHT NOW to start your clearing process? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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