If in Doubt Just do it! – Guest post by Jacky Ling

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Getting active in your business

Much is written on the subject of how to create and achieve our goals, and I think we all generally know this stuff and have gone through a variety of goal and vision setting processes and probably more than once. I know I have!

I think we also know in our hearts that this is not enough, if we really want our businesses to thrive and grow then we need to DO much more IGA ( Income generating activity) and occasionally we need reminding of this to give us fresh impetus to take action.

New Picture (1) What is IGA?

Well it does depend on your product/service the market you operate and many other factors such as the length of your sales cycle. However for the purpose of this blog let’s keep it simple and focus on the sales activity which involves you proactively engaging with your prospects and customer/client base SELLING your product or service.

It is a critical activity that all businesses need to be doing to thrive and grow and generally we aren’t doing enough. All other activity for me sits in marketing, it is important as it will help you build your lists, raise the profile of your brand, generate leads and ultimately feeds into your IGA.


Working out your IGABlog image 2

The starting point is too crunch some numbers so you know exactly what your daily activity needs to be to achieve your annual gross sales goal. Let’s keep it simple that way it is easy to remember and do.

It does help if you know what your own conversion statistics are, however for the purpose of this exercise we will use business averages.

First divide your gross annual sales ( GAL) goal by the average cost of your product/service (ACP) this will give you the number of sales you need to achieve in that year. (AST) Divide by 12 to get your monthly sales target. If you want an average weekly sales target divide again by 4.

Example: £100,000 (GAL) ÷ £500 (ACP) = 200 (AST) ÷ 12 = 16.66 ÷ 4 = 4.165

Round up or down – so here let’s go for 4 sales per week.

The activity is based on the number of customer conversations you have. These days this can be achieved through a number of mediums; phone, e-mail, face to face, social media, and networking.

Business conversion average tends to be for every 7 conversations 1 will convert into a sale. So for the purposes of this example to achieve 4 sales per week you need to achieve 28 conversations a week which is between 5 & 6 a day. Simple! 🙂

So if you want your business to thrive and grow take action today, work out what your IGA numbers are and make that activity your priority every day. Remember the more you do the better you get.
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