How to identify the BEST candidates to interview

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Working out what type of person is the foremost part of your entire recruitment process. Only once you have established this, can you begin to move forward and start advertising your vacancy… and the real hard work starts. After advertising you end up with a pile of potential candidates and the need to find a way to work through them fairly and effectively. So, how exactly can you identify the BEST candidates to interview?

The selection process you use is crucial in either hindering or helping you to work through the CVs, and here are three easy steps to ensure YOUR selection process assists your search for the BEST candidates.

Skills Matrix

ID-100174465Put together a skills matrix, or just use a simple table, to make a list of those skills essential for your vacancy. Ensure that you ONLY shortlist candidates that have these essential skills onto the next part of your recruitment process. In order for this to work effectively, you MUST ensure your essential list is just that – a list of ONLY those skills essential for the role!

Desirable Skills

Once you have narrowed down your candidates to those with the essential skills needed to fulfil your role, it is time to narrow them down further – by compiling a list of skills that you consider desirable. This is a really useful way of further narrowing down your potential candidates – especially if you still have a large list of shortlisted applicants.

Telephone Interview

ID-100162908Once you have narrowed down the candidates through their skill set, it is time to get on the telephone. Set aside time to have a brief 10-15 minute telephone interview with all the candidates you have shortlisted, as this will give you some great insights into them as individuals. You’ll be able to establish what their ideal role is, and whether it actually matches the position you have available!

You can also ascertain how they come across, what their telephone manner is like and how much they want to work for YOUR company – as opposed to ANY position with ANY company. Finally, you’ll also be able to ascertain an insight into their personality… and if you think they will fit in with your existing team members.

Follow these three easy steps to ensure YOUR selection process assists your search for the BEST candidates… and ultimately, recruiting the RIGHT person for YOUR team.

What recruitment processes do you use to effectively narrow down your shortlist of candidates? Do you currently use any of the processes above and, if so what have been your usual outcomes? If you’re not using them, which one will you implement on your next candidate search? Why not share your thoughts and opinions below in the comments section?


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