How NOT Celebrating Affects Our Business, Us & Our Teams…

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In business we are often busy with the day to day running of it, when we do take time we often spend in on the planning our next strategy on how to grow the business that we forget to take even a moment to celebrate!

If within our business we don’t celebrate our achievements whether they are large or small, then we could just as easily forget to celebrate our team’s achievements!

How could not celebrating affect us?

Not celebrating our achievements we may start to feel like we are not achieving as much as we’d hoped, we may become a bit demoralised and demotivated and hence may not put as much effort into our work.

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We may feel like we are always working towards a goal that keeps moving away from us – the reason this happens is because our goals are always changing, the closer we get to what we achieve the we realise our potential and what we can achieve and so we extend our goals and the milestone moves out further so unless we actually stop and review and celebrate the small steps then the further out away our goals will seem.


How could not celebrating affect your Team?

Not celebrating our own achievements is one thing but if we forget to or just don’t celebrate your teams achievements they could start to feel resentful as their achievements are not being recognised. Yes, your team are employed to do their job, though even with a small amount of recognition / celebration for their achievements you will reap the rewards, it will probably motivate them to achieve the goals more and even go above and beyond.

I hear you ask what can you do to celebrate?

You don’t have to do anything extravagant! Well you can if you want to but for the small achievements something as little as a quiet ‘yeah!’ to yourself or find a business buddy where you can message them or pick up the call and let them know what you have just achieved!“Explosion Of Champagne Bottle Cork” by digitalart from freedigitalphotos

When you next set your objectives for the week – when you achieve what you set out to do you can always do something little like upgrade your Friday night glass of wine to a glass of celebratory bubbles!

You can do similar things, just a simple ‘Well done’ goes a long way as your team don’t always know that their actions are being noticed! In your weekly team meeting, give your team the opportunity to boast (which is not very British) about what their big achievement of the week is! Small gifts also go down well, like a voucher for your team member to take their family out to dinner or just a simple box of chocolates or bottle of wine, though be aware of what they like, if you give a bottle of wine to a non-drinker or a box of chocolates to someone on a diet they really are not going to be appreciated!

So remember – ensure you are celebrating the small achievements; they all help move you towards your big end goal!

I’d love to hear what you do within your team to celebrate their achievements, please do message me. What one thing can you implement this week? Why not share your comments in the box below!

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