A more holistic approach to employee engagement

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Employee engagement is a term long used in the business world. It’s a workplace approach designed to ensure employees are committed to the company they work for… an emotional connection that increases the likelihood of them staying with, and having an interest in, the company they work for.

Appraisals are regularly held to measure results and to ensure employees care about their work and their company. If they care, they are engaged and will put more effort into their work to drive the company forward. Employee engagement isn’t focusing on whether that person is happy or satisfied… it’s more about focusing on the end result; the success of the company and its bottom line.

employee engagementHowever there is currently a growing shift in employee retention and business relationships. Employee engagement is gradually being replaced by a more holistic, integrated and real life approach… one focused on driving employee commitment and passion.

Become a competitive business

Competitive businesses understand this shift and, when looking to recruit new team members, they know it’s all about how you engage the people in your team… this is what will differentiate your business from the others. They understand employees want a more meaningful connection with their employer and the company they work for.

What employees want

Employees don’t want to be “engaged” or “retained”. They want to work for a company that makes them feel a part of the company and its success.  They want a company that has a good reputation, one that communicates and manages their performance and offers career opportunities when they want them… a company that focuses on “attraction” rather than “engagement”.

They want to be passionate about their work, they want exciting, fun, meaningful and fulfilling roles… they want a job they love.

What an employer wants

employee engagementAs an employer you want to have a successful business and a highly engaged team… and you can achieve this, if you take employee engagement beyond annual measures and look for a more holistic approach.

So what is a highly engaged team?

By going down a more holistic business route, you will ensure the satisfaction and happiness of your team – they will be more engaged with you and your company.  A highly engaged team is one that has:

  • happiness
  • inspiration and support
  • opportunities to develop and learn

How can you provide a more holistic approach to your business and employee engagement?

Do you love your company and what you do? Do you understand and work with your passions and does your own enthusiasm shine through? In that case, all you need to do to have a more holistic approach is to be you! Ensure you are:

  • living by your values
  • selecting people who fit with your company values and culture
  • always tweaking – be on the lookout for ways to improve your business and the environment

Look to change your focus from “engagement” and on to “attraction”. Look to make your company irresistible to your current and future employees. Create an environment that enables employees to learn; one that has ample opportunities for them to develop… and drop the word “engagement”!

Most of all, give your employees the ability to connect with you and your company – not only will it be beneficial for your company, but it will also be great for employee retention and job satisfaction. So, give them a path to tread, the opportunity to attain their goals and the ability to focus and learn… and the ability to be part of a winning team.

What measures do you currently have in place for measuring employee engagement? What is the one thing you can put in place now, to change your focus from engagement and onto a more holistic approach? Please share your thoughts and action steps in the comments section below.


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