Has your business sprung forward as much as you’d like?

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Everything is fresh and new at the beginning of the year. We set New Year resolutions and plan our year ahead. But now we’re 3 months in… has your business sprung forward as much as you’d like or are you feeling disappointed?

Review the year so far

business reviewWe’re nearly through the first quarter of 2015. How does that make you feel? Are you feeling happy or disappointed?

Set aside some time to sit and review your year so far. Ask yourself the following:

  • What has worked for you?
  • What are you disappointed about?
  • List your achievements so far and how they make you feel
  • How far along are you, in respect to your goals and desires for 2015?
  • Are you feeling happy or disappointed over your progress so far?

Accept your current position

Regardless of whether you’re happy or unhappy with your progress so far, accept your current position for what it is – without judging or beating yourself up. You are where you are and no self-judgement will change that; so accept it for what it is – it’s just your current resting point – no more, no less.

But the one thing you DO need to remind yourself off is this – there IS still 9 months of this year left!

Review your goals

business goalsThe next step in this review process is to take another look over your goals. Check each goal in turn, and ask yourself if you still want to keep it on your goal list for this year.

This step isn’t about being self-defeating and crossing things off, simply because you’re beating yourself up for not completing them so far. It’s about taking an honest look at your list and seeing (and feeling!) if you REALLY want to still achieve them. Take the time to change goals and cross off others as necessary.

Plan your next step

Once you’ve reviewed your achievements and progress so far, accepted that where you currently are is just a pause in your progress and reviewed your goals, it’s time to start planning your next step.

Take each goal in turn and break them down into smaller steps. You want to make sure that each goal is going to be achievable during this year, and making each step as small as possible will help make this possible.

You can then take a look at those smaller steps and decide which one is going to be the next one you take.

You can easily achieve all you want to achieve in 2015, if you follow these four easy steps. Remember, we are only 3 months in and you still have the rest of the year to really spring your business forward!

How do you feel after reviewing your progress so far? What is the next action step you are going to take to spring your business forward? Why not increase your intention to complete your action step, by sharing it in the comment box below?

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