Focus on Goals and Make 2014 a Great Year

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The New Year is a great time to breathe new life into your business, to blow away the cobwebs and focus on goals for the year ahead. We start the year with New Year resolutions full of high hopes and big dreams… but quite often reach the end of that year with a sense of disappointment over what we have, or haven’t achieved.

Focus on GoalsNew Year resolutions can be quite a big letdown, as we tend to make them on the spur of the moment, and with no real plan in place for achieving them.  The problem isn’t with the resolutions… it’s with the lack of planning. So let’s make this year different by following these simple steps, allowing ourselves to focus on goals and gain a clearer perspective on what we want to achieve for our business in the year ahead.

Get Organised

Take time to reflect on your past year and make a note on the things you did, and didn’t achieve.  If there are any projects that are half completed or still in play, decide on whether you want to clear them or draw a line under them.

Establish Your Plans – Focus on Goals

Get clear on what you want to achieve this year. A plan is great, as it helps you to gain clarity and get focused on what exactly you want to achieve. So what’s the best way to plan your goals for the year ahead?

  • Write your goals down and be specific in your focus. Being financially successful is not a focussed goal – earning a specific financial figure is.
  • Make each goal measurable. How will you know when you have achieved it?
  • What action steps will you take towards achieving your goal? What are the steps you need to take to get from start to finish?
  • When will you take this action? When are you going to take the steps needed to achieve your goal?

Get Motivated

Enhance your motivation by establishing why you want to achieve these goals. What emotion or benefit is behind them? Your goal may be a financial one, but you may want to be free to spend quality time with your family… so you are really after freedom and happiness.

Don’t Do It Alone

Get HelpThey may be your own personal goals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get help to achieve them. Whether it’s physical help you need or emotional support, look at those people around you and see who can help you achieve your goals. If your goals warrant it, look to outsource some of your action steps. If you’re looking to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone or increase your working hours, get support from your friends and family. Finally, look for online support groups that can help keep your spirits high when you doubt yourself.

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