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Are you looking at expanding your team?

The Dream Team Creator Program is ready and we are looking for businesses to beta test it for FREE.  Being a beta tester you will get access to the Dream Team Creator Program and have two private 30-minute consultations with Nicola Mullarkey, the Honest Recruiter for FREE. This program is perfect for small and micros businesses that are looking to expand their team.

You may have had a bad experience with hiring on to your team. The people you have hired in the past may not delivered to the standard you expected or they were all talk and no action. They said they could do the work, but you are having to pick up much of the work after them. Are you losing clients because they are not happy with your team and are taking their business elsewhere!   

Experts say you grow your business by hiring your ‘Dream Team’! What they seem to miss is the ‘How?’ to do this.Freedigitalphotos net Photo by jscreationzs

Imagine if you have a team that…

  • Believe in your business and have as much passion for it as you do.
  • Are all singing off the same hymn sheet. Do they all know what is expected of them and achieve, if not exceed, this daily for you!
  • You can comfortably delegate to your team knowing the standard of work delivered will be at least at the level you expect if not greater!
  • Loves your clients as much as you.
  • Delivers an amazing service so your clients rave about you and hence refer new business.
  • Celebrates the business achievements with you!

The Dream Team Creator Program helps you do exactly that!

To be selected as a beta testers your company will..

  • Have a minimum of 3 team members.
  • Work from an office, not home based.
  • Be looking to hire NOW.
  • Have the time to work through the Dream Team Creator Program throughout March 2017. (It should only take a couple of days but it is broken down into 10 sessions).
  • Give feedback on the program.

The 10 steps are delivered online via video, you will be provided with a workbook and worksheets, as well as templates for many of the documentations you need to develop. You will also receive two free 30 minute consultations with Nicola Mullarkey, the Honest Recruiter.

The 10 steps cover:

#1 – The BIG Picture you have for your business and how this will excite and get buy in from your potential new team members.

#2 – Where your business is going, what you want it to look like in the next 6 & 12 months and how this will gain buy in from your potential team members.

#3 – Who you truly are, what your core values are and how to mirror these in your business. Having this in place will save you lots of head and heart ache further along.

 #4 – How to identify what to outsource. You will identify how best to use the skills currently within your team as well as identifying which ones to hire. In addition you will calculate what your and your team members worth is.

#5 – How to set clear and measurable objectives so that you and your new team member truly understand what the expectations are from each other.

# 6 – Write a good Job Description as well as ensuring you are paying the right salary.

#7 – Write a good Person Specification and a Skills Matrix, these will be invaluable when interviewing the applicants.

#8 – Generate a “Job Pack” that is sent out to all your applicants to give them a clear understanding of your business, the role and what to expect.

#9 – Developing a communications strategy and understanding why it is so important to have this in place.

#10 Techniques to weed out time wasters! This saves you time and gets you closer to hiring your Dream Team.

The Program gives you everything you need to have in place BEFORE you start looking for a new team member.

Apply to be a Beta Tester click here places are limited


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