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What is the one thing that all entrepreneurs are really after? They all want to earn money and possibly make a name for themselves… but ultimately, they want a business that fits around their lifestyle. As a home-based entrepreneur, I’m willing to bet that this is also something that you want too. So how do you design a lifestyle like that for yourself?

It can be easy to design your perfect lifestyle, to help you achieve your vision. You can work on creating systems in your business to ensure it runs smoothly; however it is also easy to lose sight of your dream whilst implementing those systems… so how do you get the balance right and move your business in the direction you really want?

1. Lose the employee mentality

You are in control of your actions… and decisions. Whatever is currently happening in your life is a direct result of your own thoughts and actions. Whether you are tolerating something or not acting on something, it is down to you.

Remember, you started your business to fulfil a need, or dream that you had, and it is a reflection of who you are. You need to take responsibility for both your actions and the current state of your business. Take stock of your current situation and remember it is you that is in charge… and it is down to you to decide where you want to take it.

2. Take time out

Schedule regular time slots in your diary to spend time thinking and planning. Book appointments with yourself, get out of your normal routine and go out somewhere that inspires you. Think about what you truly want for you… and how you can achieve it.

3. Compile an action plan

Decide what one action step you can take this week to move you nearer to your ideal business and lifestyle. If your plans seem overwhelming, look to break the steps down into smaller, more manageable ones.

You are your own boss now, so make a decision to rise to the occasion and really go for what you want. Take regular weekly steps towards achieving the lifestyle you want… and reclaim your dream lifestyle and business.

So what can you do? What is the one step you are working on this week that is moving you nearer to your ideal lifestyle? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you are working on.


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