Am I back to my old self?

I saw this phrase (Am I back to my old self? Hell No! I found my better self!) on fb! It was awesome & so me! The person who shared it had recently gone through a breakdown, fortunately for me I haven’t! Though about 10 months ago, I broke my arm…a decent break, incapacitating me for 8 weeks, unable to shower, to dress myself properly, unable to drive! And to top it, Continue Reading →

hiring skills

Values & why they’re so important in hiring your Dream Team

What I hear you say, why do I need to work out what my values are? They’re not going to help me build my business!

Look how United Airlines is splattered over every media service and all over social media because of how they treated a customer on their plane! Everyone is in uproar over the incident, we all in shock on how we could treat another human being like this! Many businesses are withdrawing their businesses; how will this turn ...

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Do you have a pot of Gold in your Business?

Are you on track to achieve your goals for 2017? Have you stopped and taken a moment to see where you are? Often small business owners are way too busy working ‘IN’ their business to work ‘ON’ their business.  Have you taken a moment to review how they are doing?

If you find this yourself in this position I find the best thing to do is Continue Reading →

Dream Team Creator – Beta Testers Wanted

Are you looking at expanding your team?

The Dream Team Creator Program is ready and we are looking for businesses to beta test it for FREE.  Being a beta tester you will get access to the Dream Team Creator Program and have two private 30-minute consultations with Nicola Mullarkey, the Honest Recruiter for FREE. This program is perfect for small and micros businesses that are looking to expand their team.

You may have had a bad experience with hiring on to your ...

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How NOT Celebrating Affects Our Business, Us & Our Teams…

In business we are often busy with the day to day running of it, when we do take time we often spend in on the planning our next strategy on how to grow the business that we forget to take even a moment to celebrate!

If within our business we don’t celebrate our achievements whether they are large or small, then we could just as easily forget to celebrate our team’s achievements!

How could not celebrating affect us?

Not celebrating our achievements ...

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Make a Clutter List

Is It Time For You To Clear The Clutter?

We all hit a point in our lives where we need to get focused. Whether this is for your personal or business life, one of the main obstacles preventing us from having clarity and focus is the clutter around us.

Whether that clutter is physical or emotional, it’s essential to clear the decks in order to achieve focus and clarity. Clearing the decks doesn’t have to be traumatic or difficult – just follow these 3 easy steps… and gain the focus ...

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Do you have these 3 Essentials in place ready to Recruit?

[youtube id=”_jcZclPoyTk” mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no”]

Before you advertise your vacancy make sure you have done these 3 essential steps, many organisations miss them out and wonder why they then have problems finding and keeping the right people for their team!

Watch this video to find out what the steps are to make sure you are have then in place!

If you resonate with the content, I’d love to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment below!


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