Dream Team Creator – Beta Testers Wanted

Are you looking at expanding your team?

The Dream Team Creator Program is ready and we are looking for businesses to beta test it for FREE.  Being a beta tester you will get access to the Dream Team Creator Program and have two private 30-minute consultations with Nicola Mullarkey, the Honest Recruiter for FREE. This program is perfect for small and micros businesses that are looking to expand their team.

You may have had a bad experience with hiring on to your ...

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Brexit, hiring and what we need to know!

So the UK voted to LEAVE the UK! All I have to say is wow – I was not expecting that. We have all seen a lot on social media about this and that, I am not going to enter into any debate, what I will share with you today are the areas that we now need to be aware of and keep up-to-date on with respect to our teams and hiring!

Many of us may have noticed a slight slowdown in ...

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Is NOW the RIGHT time to hire?

Do you have a skilled team, that seem to be working harder but you are not seeing the ROI? Or you are working more and more hours and rather than increasing revenue you are losing clients? If these scenarios are keeping you up at night and you’re desperately looking for ways to grow your business, hiring a new team member may be the answer!

The following tips will help you identify if and what skills would be good to add to ...

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If in Doubt Just do it! – Guest post by Jacky Ling

Getting active in your business

Much is written on the subject of how to create and achieve our goals, and I think we all generally know this stuff and have gone through a variety of goal and vision setting processes and probably more than once. I know I have!

I think we also know in our hearts that this is not enough, if we really want our businesses to thrive and grow then we need to DO much more IGA ( Income ...

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How NOT Celebrating Affects Our Business, Us & Our Teams…

In business we are often busy with the day to day running of it, when we do take time we often spend in on the planning our next strategy on how to grow the business that we forget to take even a moment to celebrate!

If within our business we don’t celebrate our achievements whether they are large or small, then we could just as easily forget to celebrate our team’s achievements!

How could not celebrating affect us?

Not celebrating our achievements ...

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communication skills

How to ensure Effective Communication!

On a basic level communication is just the exchange of information, however to be a truly effective communicator, you need to learn how to understand the emotion behind the information. Effective communication is something you can learn and, if you put the effort in now, it will benefit both your work and home relationships.

What is effective communication?

communication skillsEffective communication actually involves more than ...

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employee engagement

A more holistic approach to employee engagement

Employee engagement is a term long used in the business world. It’s a workplace approach designed to ensure employees are committed to the company they work for… an emotional connection that increases the likelihood of them staying with, and having an interest in, the company they work for.

Appraisals are regularly held to measure results and to ensure employees care about their work and their company. If they care, they are engaged and will put more effort into their work to ...

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culture and values

Culture and Values in the Workplace

Culture and values have recently experienced a growth spurt in business. They previously weren’t taken too much into consideration for a while, but now are being revived; and with good reason. Our work patterns and routines are so much more than just making money… as we spend roughly a third of our lives at work, these patterns influence and permeate the different areas of our leisure lives as ...

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