Do you have a pot of Gold in your Business?

Are you on track to achieve your goals for 2017? Have you stopped and taken a moment to see where you are? Often small business owners are way too busy working ‘IN’ their business to work ‘ON’ their business.  Have you taken a moment to review how they are doing?

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Is NOW the RIGHT time to hire?

Do you have a skilled team, that seem to be working harder but you are not seeing the ROI? Or you are working more and more hours and rather than increasing revenue you are losing clients? If these scenarios are keeping you up at night and you’re desperately looking for ways to grow your business, hiring a new team member may be the answer!

The following tips will help you identify if and what skills would be good to add to ...

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If in Doubt Just do it! – Guest post by Jacky Ling

Getting active in your business

Much is written on the subject of how to create and achieve our goals, and I think we all generally know this stuff and have gone through a variety of goal and vision setting processes and probably more than once. I know I have!

I think we also know in our hearts that this is not enough, if we really want our businesses to thrive and grow then we need to DO much more IGA ( Income ...

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