Can networking help you find your next employee…?

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You’re used to networking for business. You go to networking events and socialise through various social media sites to ensure you’re known and spread the word about your business, to share advice and to build contacts for future joint ventures and potential leads… but have you thought of using networking for your next employee?

The networks we have are a great place to turn to when we need help and advice. Need a reliable car mechanic in your local area? Maybe you want opinions on the best autoresponder to use? Post a comment, send out a tweet or mention it in passing during a conversation and you’ll instantly get recommendations for the perfect solution or person to call. So, why is it that when we’re looking to recruit someone new for our team, we often skip talking about it and go straight to advertising the position or head to our nearest recruitment consultancy?

First point of call… your network!

use social networkingWhen you’re looking to fill a vacancy your network should be your first point of call – after all, it’s full of valuable contacts! If you already have an existing team working for you, I’m assuming you’ve already asked them if they know anyone who would be suitable. So how can you utilise your wider network in your hunt for staff?

Offline networking events

Whilst at networking meetings, share that you are recruiting and actually ask people if they know anyone in their professional network that may be suitable? By actually asking if they know someone in their professional network it gets them to broaden their thinking and to think outside of their friends and family, and to other networking meetings etc.

Smart job seekers are also going to networking events to meet potential contacts. It gives them a chance to spread the word about themselves, whilst building contacts and chatting to potential future employers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Email your contacts

If you have business contacts you know quite well, why not send over an email stating that you are hiring? Ask if they have any recommendations, know someone personally or if they would mind helping you to spread the word?

Social media

social media for networkingLinkedIn is the obvious site to target, as it’s aimed at the professional; however don’t discount the other social media sites. Facebook and Twitter are just as powerful, especially if you have a large number of connections.

Share a post stating that you are recruiting and ask for help in spreading the word. Schedule posts to appear at regular intervals, as it is easy for your post to get lost amongst the others, especially on live streaming sites such as Twitter.

When you’re next on the hunt for a new employee, turn to your network. At worst, you’ll get recommendations to follow up on; at best, you’ll find the right employee for the job. Who knows, you may already know the perfect employee… and they’re just waiting for your opportunity to come along.

Have you used social media to find an employee? Did you meet your ideal candidate at a networking event? What’s your experience of using your network for recruitment, compared to the more traditional methods of advertising? Please share your experiences in the comments box below.

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