Is your “I can” attitude preventing your business from moving forward?

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When you first start out in business, your attitude and desire to succeed will be your driving force. You’re willing to do everything yourself, try new things and push your comfort zone. But after you’ve been in business for a while and your client base has grown… your desire to do it all yourself may be holding your business back from moving forward.

Doing it all yourself

time to take stockWhen you first start out in business you are learning and growing. You want save money whilst you’re in this start-up stage and to understand how things work and the most effective way to do them. The obvious way to do this, is to do it all yourself, as your initial focus is on making money and ensuring your business will be sustainable in the long run.

Time to take stock

Over time though, you’ll want to schedule in regular “check in” sessions. This is to ensure you take the time to check whether doing everything yourself is still working for you AND your business. Areas to check on include:

  • Customer service – Are you still providing the best level of customer service to your clients?
  • Administration – Are you managing to keep on top of all the administration tasks such as accounting, filing, emails etc
  • Your wellbeing – How are you feeling? Are you starting to feel overwhelmed or snowed under? Do you feel stressed or panicked?
  • Time management – Are you working the hours you want? Do weekends and weekdays all seem to be blending into each other?
  • Product creation – How well is your product creation going? Are you regularly creating new products, programs and information products for your clients?

businessTime to share the load

If your check in session has left you feeling slightly despondent, don’t worry! Now is the time to knock it up a notch and look at sharing the workload with others. Begin by thinking of one or two outsourcers you can immediately share your workload with, for example a bookkeeper, social media scheduler or IT guy.

Even if you hire someone for just a few hours a month, it can save you both time and money. Outsourcing even a small amount of work will free you up to concentrate on things that will directly help you grow your finances and your business.

So ask yourself, what tasks can you outsource to help move your business forward? Have you realised that your time is being taken up with jobs that are taking up your time – but aren’t directly bringing in clients or money? What jobs are you going to pass over first? Why not share your findings in the comments box below?


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