7 Steps to hiring your dream team

When you first start out in business you know you’re responsible for how successful your business will become. You also know you are responsible only for you and your actions – and that one directly relates to the other.

Over time, you work harder and for longer hours, frantically multitasking your way through each day, until you reach the realisation that you can no longer do this on your own… it’s time to look into hiring some help.

Recruitment can be a ...

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clarity when asking for help

The need for clarity when requesting help – Guest post by Helena Holrick

Have you ever asked for something and then realised that because you asked for it in a certain way, you didn’t end up getting what you were after? It’s disappointing, frustrating and can leave you shy of asking again, which is a HUGE mistake.

Asking for help is a KEY component of moving forward, on a project, in a relationship, in life for that matter.

But, asking for help can be a ‘big’ thing for many of us. It can make us ...

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hatching new plans for 2015

Hatching new plans

With Easter fast approaching, it’s traditionally the time for rebirth and renewal. Whether you decide on your business goals in the January New Year, or start your new year plans to match the fiscal New Year in April, Easter is the ideal opportunity to take a look at how your business year is going so far.

The goals you’ve already set

hatching new plans for 2015

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business growth

Take a fresh look at business growth

We all want to experience enhanced business growth. We work hard to make our businesses the success and, whether you want to achieve an increase in your regular income or get yourself out of trading time for money… it’s time to take a fresh look at business growth.

There are only three ways you can increase sales and help your business to grow:

  1. Repeat business
  2. Increase minimum order value
  3. Get more customers

Unfortunately, the vast majority of businesses will focus on number three. They spend ...

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Are you in love with yourself…?

When it comes to running your own business you can spend a lot of time working on what’s right for your customers, what products and services to create and generally creating a business that’s profitable. We can get so focused on pushing a striving, we don’t always take the time to give ourselves that same focus and attention… and give yourselves the love and support we deserve.

Take a break

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5 Easy Ways To Show Your Appreciation!

They are the lifeblood of our business and without them, we wouldn’t have a business. It doesn’t matter how great our products and services are, we NEED to have someone who will buy from us… in short, we all NEED clients.

The question is do you show your gratitude and appreciation to your clients – or do you think giving them a product or service that they need, it is appreciation enough? Do your clients show YOU appreciation? Continue Reading →

employee benefits

Is your business attractive to employees?

Any employer who employs team members will know; it takes a lot of work and effort to attract the RIGHT employee. You spend time ensuring your job spec is up to scratch, the job description is accurate AND appealing and THEN there’s time spent shortlisting and interviewing etc. The last thing you want is to lose that employee you’ve spent so long attracting… because your business just wasn’t attractive to its employees.

You’ve covered all the basics

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