Are you working IN or ON your business?

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Running your own business can be rewarding, inspiring and exciting – it can also be hard work, frustrating and have you hiding under your duvet! When you first start out, it’s natural for you to do every task on your own however, as your business grows… you need to stop working IN and start working ON your business.

Is there any real difference…?

The short answer is yes! One will keep you and your business stuck, limited by your working hours and physical limits – the other will enable it to grow, thrive and expand.

You’re working IN your business if you’re doing everything yourself. Whether your tasks include administration, support roles, bookkeeping and invoicing, filing, as well as the sales and marketing – you are working IN your business and doing yourself and your business a disservice.

business passionWorking ON your business looks totally different. You’re spending your time solely on what you do best. Whether that’s taking coaching calls, running workshops or creating products and programs – you’re doing the very thing that made you want to start your own business – and you’re delegating or outsourcing everything else.

You’re spending time growing the business rather than keeping it ticking over.

What to do if you’re currently stuck working IN your business

If you’ve realised you’re working IN your business, you can easily implement some changes to get immediate results.

  1. Hire and outsource to your top five tasks, including administration and bookkeeping. You can find out exactly what your first five outsourcing tasks should be, by checking out my recent post on this subject here. Remember, it may mean investing your limited funds now – but it will ensure you can earn more in the long run.
  2. invest in your businessDon’t limit yourself to getting in help just at work, look to hire in help for at home too. You cannot spend quality time on your business if you’re worried about your housework and childcare.
  3. Set up structures and procedures. Look to automate repetitive but time-consuming tasks. Set up templates and checklists for launches and program content etc.
  4. Invest in the tools you need. Whether that includes outsourcing more work or buying software and equipment, you cannot work ON your business if you don’t want to invest IN it!
  5. Invest in yourself. Ensure you have the best mindset, training and mentoring you can afford, to give your business the best chance of success.

Follow the five tips above and you’ll get out of working IN your business. You’ll be able to free up your mind and your time, to ensure you are in the right space to work ON your business and take it up to the next level!

Have you recently shifted your focus and efforts from working IN your business to ON it? Maybe this post has given you the incentive to make that change? Since making that change, what were the biggest changes you’ve experienced? Why not share your comments and experiences, and inspire those on a similar journey, by leaving a comment in the box below?

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