Are You Acknowledging Your Achievements?

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As we step into the last month of 2014, we’re all looking forward to moving into the New Year and what it may bring; to kick-starting the year with a bang and getting started on our goals for 2015. We can get so focused on the year ahead, we don’t stop to celebrate what we’ve actually achieved this year… or any of our achievements, for that matter!

Why you should celebrate your achievements

achievementsLooking back at what you have achieved is a crucial part of the motivation/achievement/self worth cycle. Celebrating your wins not only boosts your confidence – it heightens your desire to achieve more – and this motivates you to move forward.

It’s only when you truly see and acknowledge what you have achieved that you can appreciate how far forward you have come. What do I mean by “truly”? Well, I mean taking the time to feel pleased, to be grateful for what you have learnt and to understand how much that achievement meant to you.

Look back to move forward

Take the time now to sit down and make a record of all those things, big and small, that you have achieved this year. Grab a notebook and write them down. Next, I’d like you to write down what that achievement meant to you. What did you have to overcome to achieve it? Get down the feelings you associated with this achievement.

achievementsAcknowledge what you have gained and lost

Make a note of what you gained as a result of your achievements. What it more time, more clients or more money? Did you gain freedom, confidence or expertise? What thought process or belief did you have to adopt, and what did you have to let go of, to achieve it? What person did you have to become to achieve this and how motivated did this make you feel?

It’s only when we look back and acknowledge our strengths and achievements that we can truly appreciate what we are capable of when we move forward. Once you have connected with your achievements and those associated feelings, it’s an ideal time to make a plan for what you’d like to achieve next year. So, let me ask you… what is your biggest achievement this year?

Let’s help each other get a head start on our plans for 2015. What was your biggest achievement in 2014 – and what are you aiming to achieve in 2015? Why not share your successes and plans in the comments box below and let’s celebrate!


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