_MG_2893-400My name is Nicola Mullarkey. One of my philosophies is “treat people how you want to be treated”. I have always lived my life this way so when I started in the business industry 19 years ago it was natural for me to bring this into my way of working. My experiences while being employed were not great, I’m sure many of you have experienced this!

I decided back in 1999 that I would escape the rat race and set up my own business working from home! I vowed that I would never treat any person how I was treated. By the end of year one I had ten people working with me, I definitely loved where I worked, I had no travel but I had no home either. I was easily working 80+hours a week and in a position where I had to move everyone out and into an office.

As my team grew I quickly realised that I was passionate about being honest and ethical, I channelled this into creating a robust culture based on trust, integrity, responsibility and continuous development. All clients, candidates and employees know they will gain a real partnership when they work with us.

In 2011 after the birth of my son, my focus changed, I decided enough was enough and needed to gain a proper work life balance. Since then I have restructured my business to ensure that I truly have a work life balance, I love it. Now I only work a fraction of the hours I worked previously, with my weekends being sacred family time, my business is completely flexible around the needs of my family.

I have made it my mission to empower business owners to ensure that they get the work life integration that want and deserve. I love connecting and collaborating with people – so if you have a question or would love to work with me – please do book a call.