7 Steps to hiring your dream team

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When you first start out in business you know you’re responsible for how successful your business will become. You also know you are responsible only for you and your actions – and that one directly relates to the other.

Over time, you work harder and for longer hours, frantically multitasking your way through each day, until you reach the realisation that you can no longer do this on your own… it’s time to look into hiring some help.

Recruitment can be a nightmare

hiring staff can have pitfallsRecruitment can be totally overwhelming for small business owners. You understand the need to employ extra help, but may not have a clear idea of how to go about it or how to ensure you actually end up with the right person.

Then there are the potential procedures and pitfalls around correct advertising, candidate selection, interviewing and actually employing the person that’s right for you!  And if you get your candidate selection wrong… getting rid of them can be even worse!

There are seven essential steps you need to take when hiring your dream team – whether that’s one person or a team of many!

Step 1 – Identify

You need to get clear on your business as well as identifying the needs you have within your team. It’s important to know where you’re heading and where you are currently positioned.

So how does this help with recruiting staff? Well, you cannot move your business forward successfully until you know your start and end points, or at least a midway point! The same applies with your staff – you cannot successfully hire the team you need, until you know what position they will fill and what tasks you need them to perform. So ask yourself: what plans do you have for your business?

Step 2 – Prepare

hiring staff checklistNow you know that you need to recruit, it’s time to get prepared. As the old phrase states “preparation prevents poor performance” so, take the time to ensure you know exactly what you are looking for and what you are offering in return.

Get clear on the job basics, such as description, pay etc. and what exactly you expect from your new recruit. Make a list of the skills and values you want them to have, as well as those that are desirable, but not necessary.

Step 3 – Attract

Now you want to work out where you are going to attract applications for your vacancy. Think of online and offline forums, sites and job boards, as well as within your existing network of contacts.

Step 4 – Differentiate

This step is all about making your company stand out… whether you are a team of fifty or a one man band! There are two great ways to achieve this – your communication and your values. So, what makes you different from the other companies?

Step 5 – Select

Once you start receiving applications, it’s time to start narrowing your candidates down. The first step of selection is to shortlist down the applications you’ve received, by checking the skills and values match your own necessary and desired lists for both.

Step 6 – Interview

hiringYou’ve now shortlisted who you are going to meet face to face. By now you will have a small selection of candidates that you know are suitable for your position AND who sound like they’d be a good fit in your existing team. Now it’s time to meet them face-to-face in an interview and find out if what they said was true!

Step 7 – Hire

Once you’ve completed your interviews and decided who you want to offer the position to, it’s time to hire them… before they’re snapped up by another company! Now is the time to make them an offer and check out their references etc.

You’ve now learned my 7 steps to highly effective recruitment. It’s time for you to revise your recruitment process and see which steps may be missing!

Getting a highly effective recruitment process in place will save you thousands of pounds. It will also help you avoid hiring the wrong people in the first place, as well as potentially wasting hours of your own time.

How did you find these seven recruitment steps? If you’re just starting down the recruitment route, which step was the most beneficial to you? Maybe you’ve been recruiting for a while – do you have any missing steps? If you’d like additional help with your recruiting needs, my “Hire Your Dream Team” membership group will be launching at the end of this month – so watch this space!

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