Are you frustrated that your business is not moving forward fast enough?


Do you constantly set targets or goals and then feel disappointed as you don’t achieve them?


Have you found yourself looking back over the year or month and thinking ‘what have I achieved?’ or when you have achieved something great you don’t have anyone to share it with!

alone workingIf you said yes to any of the above you are in the right place!

I’m Nicola Mullarkey, I have been in the business for almost 20 years. I’ve run my own recruitment business and now work with business empowering them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Experts say having clarity of what you want in life makes it easier to achieve our goals and targets in business.

The problem many of us have is, we don’t know what we want in life! So you focus on running your business, juggling the many different tasks and distracting ourselves so we try not to notice that we are not happy or feel there is something missing.

Running your own business can get very lonely, even with a team around you. You go along to all the networking meetings, events to connect with other business owners which is great for your business but still there is something missing.


Imagine if you have…

Absolute clarity on who YOU are, how your business/life integration looks and works and are excited about your business every single day!

When you set targets and goals you smash them and have a team of people around you to celebrate your wins with you.

How would that make you feel? Alive, successful, excited for life? You’d probably work harder and smarter and achieve much more in your business as well as your personal goals and dreams too!

5-Steps To Clarity



In just 5 days you will be clear on what YOU want in life and how YOU can make this happen in your business 

Work with me personally…

To identify and set your goals & dreams for both your business and what you want in life

To identify what your work/life integration/balance will look like

Take action, which is aligned to your business and want you want in life

We’ll cover:

YOU – Who you truly are, what your core values are, your why and how you want your work/life balance to look

Your BUSINESS – How do you want your business to show up? How do you want it to look? What is its vision & mission?

Your DREAMS – what are your long term and short term goals and dreams.

How to align your life and business and work towards your shortlisted 1 year goals

What your first actions are to achieve your 3 month goals


This will be managed in a private FaceBook group where I will be every day for the duration of the challenge and afterwards to support those who may have started late.

Starts on the 16th July

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And if that isn’t enough you will also receive 2 BONUSES


One 20 minute 121 via Skype or phone with me

You do not have to take this bonus up but we will work on your goals and help you to gain clarity around what you want your life to look like and you will walk away with what your next actions are, saving you time and its great to bounce ideas around



90-Day planning Worksheet

This worksheet will help you breakdown what the next actions are for your business or personal goal, giving you bite sized chunks to easily achieve and move you closer to your goals and dreams, so when you look back you have achieved and you do feel successful.


Starts on the 16th July