Being the “Honest Recruiter” and having many years’ experience within the recruitment industry (so many it makes me feel old!) I believe in being honest, upfront and straight talking.

I help businesses and women in recruitment through the potential minefield of recruitment, by sharing the tips and tools I have picked up along the way. Some of these I’ve had to learn the hard way but – by being honest and upfront with you – I’ll help make your recruitment journey a straightforward one.

Are you a business that is planning to expand your team?

If so, then this will be perfect for you. I am sharing my RECRUIT System, it enables you to cut your recruitment expense while hiring the “right” people, whether this is outsourcing jobs or employing your own team. I share with you what you need in place before you go out to market, how to make sure the people you find are the “right” people and how to ensure that the person you want to hire also “wants” to join your team.

Maybe you’d rather have ongoing help and support through your recruitment journey? No problem, I’ve also go you covered with ‘Hire Your Dream Team Academy’. This ‘bespoke for you’ service includes my recruitment blueprint AND mentoring throughout the process.

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Are you a Recruitment Consultant who’s ready to shine?

If so, then this will be great for you. It is something I wish I had when I started out by myself!

I have made it my mission to help other recruitment consultants to get the work life balance they deserve AND excel at what they do best – recruit! I will personally mentor and support you through your recruitment journey, share my ENTIRE processes with you, from documentation to strategy, to help YOU succeed within the recruitment industry.

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